Enter real estate investment in Turkey with confidence and a partner you can trust like Yalin Construction.

Investment Property Abroad

We have a range of attractive investment opportunities available to savvy investors looking for short-term and high return investments. With a joint-venture partner you can trust like Yalin Construction.
You can enter real estate investment in Turkey with confidence and share in property profits from this active market.

Our team is ready to support you as a business partner in every stage of the real estate value chain (real estate acquisition, finance, construction, marketing, selling, etc), and help you to achieve your targets for investment.

Real Estate Project Development

The advantages of partnering with Yalin Construction on Real Estate Development is our unique experience in this market to assist you in decisions about the purchase of land sites, properties or projects – providing a natural competitive edge compared with other private developers. Our expertise and support extends from the acquisition of land or property to the development and design, planning and construction, to sales and marketing.

Our unique project development approach and the way we manage our projects (from the initial acquisition of a site through to the sale of the completed property) means we drive our projects to completion on-time, on-budget and within specifications. When combined with our processes and technology platform, we bring efficiency and effectiveness into projects that create real value for you and your company.

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