Things to Consider Before You Paint Your Home Exterior

From preparing the exterior of your house to selecting the right paint, we have come up with the greatest tips to make your exterior painting Reno much more doable and easier. Read on to know more: 

Combine cans of paint 

If you want to guarantee that the paint color you’ll be applying to your house is uniformed, you can mix multiple cans of similar paint colors into a bigger container like a five-gallon bucket. This method is known as boxing the paint, which is commonly followed by the painting experts.  

Don’t forget to apply primer 

The general rule here is to always apply a nice primer coating, sand, and then apply the paint color of your choice. Though this is still a great rule to consider, modern paint innovations have now mixed paint and primer into 1 product. With this. Manufacturers claim that it will lessen the number of coats you’ll be needing to apply. This newer paint costs more than the traditional paints, however, the cost can almost be likened to the expenses you’ll need if you buy separate paint and primer.  

Paint won’t stick to rotten siding 

Siding material and rotten wood are almost worthless to paint since they won’t do anything but to keep on deteriorating. You have 2 options for this: for small areas, you can utilize wood hardener and partner it with a filler product for your exterior like wood filler or change the wood trim or siding with new parts. Make sure to prepare and sand either which of them you prefer before you start painting to maximize the paint and make it last longer.  

Wash and sand 

Paint cannot adhere very well if your surfaces are rough or dirty. Hence, guarantee that you have thoroughly trimmed and cleaned your siding in advance, let it dry, and then sand any peeling paint to make a solid surface so that the paint can properly adhere to it.  

Quality over price 

Using greater quality paint indicates that you’ll less likely need to repaint your home for several years. Moreover, you will have a greater average while painting. In the past few years, the technology of paint has dramatically improved, with colors that are proven and tested to last longer than ever. Perhaps you may be enticed to save money upfront and skimp on paint by choosing a cheaper brand. However, if you do this, you will most likely get problems with it, which will just cause you to pay more as time passes by.  

Think about the environment 

You need to plan in advance as you paint. The key here is to determine which time of the year is best to repaint a home exterior. Hence, you need to know about the patterns of your local weather. Make sure to choose a dry time of the year when there are lower humidity and little rain. Paint requires time to dry and it usually won’t stick to wet surfaces.